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Vendors Registered In Liberty Township

The following vendors have completed the registration process and are certified by Liberty Township for door-to-door sales:
APTIVE Pest Control 

Do Not Knock Registry

The Liberty Township Board of Trustees approved Resolution #17-0918-05 Registraion and Regulating Transient Vendors on September 18, 2017 in order for the Township to be compliant with new state law.  As part of this resolution, residents may register on the Liberty Township Do Not Knock Registry.  This registry of addresses will be available on-line and given to registered vendors.  Vendors are prohibited from conducting unsolicited door to door sales to those addresses on the Do Not Knock Registry.
To add your address to the Registry, please send an email to cbuehrer@libertytwp.org, include your name and address and in the subject line of the email type "Add me to the Do Not Knock Registry".
Liberty Township may send window stickers to those addresses on this registry.  However, residents may post no-soliciting signs of their choosing as long as such signage is in compliance with the HOA standards and Resolution 17-0918-05 which states that residents may display "a weatherproof card, decal or sign not less than 3 inches by 4 inches in size norm ore than 1 square foot in total surface area upon or near the main entrance door to the residence, containting substantially the following "No Soliciation" in letters at least 1/3 inch in height". 
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