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Fire Renewal Levy only levy in November

Liberty Township Fire Levy & Property Revaluations

Due to the Liberty Township Board of Trustees and the Liberty Township Fire Department progressive thinking and early decision-making, there will be no increase in your taxes for funding the fire department even after you property revaluations have been completed.

In July, the Board of Trustees voted on and certified an amount for the November levy to continue to fund the fire department through 2023. The Delaware County revaluations were completed and certified after the levy amount certification, therefore the county auditor has advised Liberty Township “The effective rate will be reduced to offset the increase in values.” The auditor office has stated, “While the home owner’s tax liability will be calculated on a higher value, the amount they pay to the fire district should not increase because of the adjustment to the effective rate.”

This means for Liberty Township and Powell homeowners, their effective millage rate for the fire levy will be readjusted to ensure they pay the same amount per $100,000 that they would have under their old evaluation.

Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming November levy, fire department operations or budget expenses, please contact Fire Chief Tom O’Brien at 740-938-2021.

Attachments Available To Download:
Levy Fact Sheet