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Illegal Dumping at Wyandot Run Recycling Location
There have been some serious dumping issues at the recycling drop-off bins at Wyandot Run Elementary School. Items that have been left at the drop-off bins are not recyclable. In one case, contamination in two of the bins required the contents to be landfilled. For this reason, residents are asked to refrain from dumping unacceptable items at the recycling drop-off location.


The DKMM Solid Waste District has placed this drop-off location on watch. If illegal dumping continues, the drop-off bins may be permanently removed.

In many instances, the illegal items that were dumped could have been donated to charity. In addition, bulk item collection is part of Rumpkeā€™s curbside service contract with Liberty Township. Residents should contact Rumpke or visit for more information on bulk item pickup service.

For more information on proper recycling and disposal information, please contact Keep Delaware County Beautiful, a program of the Delaware General Health District at 740-203-2076 or visit or