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Township Roads will NOT be used in Saturday's Running Event
The Board of Trustees is not allowing any Township road to be closed for the purpose of the 1/2 Marathon/10K event scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017.  This was a difficult decision and much time was put into working with the other entities involved in this event in an effort to decrease the impact to residents and businesses.  The road closure plan was not known to the Township until earlier this week and there has not been enough time to adequately prepare and plan for traffic disruptions of this magnitude - which has a great impact on not only the day to day activities of our residents but also on the routing of our emergency responders.  This week, Township staff has been working with ODOT, Delaware County Engineer, Delaware County Sheriff, Columbus Zoo, the City of Powell and other local governmental entities, local businesses and HOA's to determine the best the solution.  Many of these entities were unaware of the road closures and voiced concern with the disruption to traffic and access of emergency responders.

Due to the significant impact of the proposed partial and total road closures and the inability of the race organizer to present alternative plans, the Trustees unanimously decided to not allow any Township roads to be used for this event.  

The Trustees understand many individuals have registered for this event and appreciate the inconvenience this causes, however, the safety and well being of the residents and visitors and minimizing disruption to local businesses and events is a priority of the Trustees.

Liberty Township would be honored to be a part of similar events in the future and welcomes race organizers to work with Township staff and all other local entities to plan and stage successful events that showcase our beautiful community and bring visitors to our local businesses.