Residential Knox Box Program

A KnoxBox can be installed in private residences, they are ideal for the elderly, homeowners that travel frequently, or simply those who wish to have a KnoxBox installed on their home. If you or a loved one in your home has special needs, whether it is limited mobility and/or prone to falling, or for any other condition, a KnoxBox can allow first responders to access your home without having to force entry.  

A KnoxBox can save precious time for first responders to administer life-saving care, and can save you from having to repair doors.  If would like to have a KnoxBox, the boxes can be ordered directly from KnoxBox, they currently cost approximately less than $210 plus shippingAntiqueWhiteNoDoorHanger_600x600B Opens in new window.


Your KnoxBox will arrive unlocked, and must be permanently and securely mounted near the door you wish first responders to utilize. Unfortunately, Liberty Township Fire Department cannot install the box for, you will need to contact someone to mount it for you. Once the box has been mounted, contact the Liberty Township Fire Department at 740-938-2027 and someone will come, put your key in the KnoxBox, and secure the KnoxBox.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Liberty Township Fire Prevention Bureau at 740-938-2027.