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Transient Vendor (Solicitor) Registration Application

  1. Liberty Township - Delaware County, Ohio

    7802 Liberty Road N., Powell, OH 43065

  2. Per Liberty Township Resolution 17-0918-04 and in accordance with ORC 505.94, Transient Vendors must submit a Transient Vendor registration and be issued a Registration Certificate by Liberty Township prior to solicitation to any Liberty Township residential address. Liberty Township maintains a “Do Not Knock Registry”. This registry shall be provided to Transient Vendors with their Registration Certificate and is also available on the Township website, Solicitation is prohibited at any residence at which the owner or tenant has posted a sign on the property prohibiting solicitation and/or at those addresses listed on the “Do Not Knock” registry. Liberty Township prohibits solicitation between the hours of 8:00 PM and 9:00 AM, on Sundays and on legal holidays as defined by ORC 1.14. Pursuant to ORC 505.94, no Transient Vendor shall fail to register or comply with the regulations set forth in Resolution 17-0918-04. Violations shall be punishable as provided in ORC 505.99. Penalties shall be imposed in accordance with applicable section(s) of the Ohio Revised Code.
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  4. The following is regarding the Person or Entity employing the transient vendor/solicitor, or, for whom the applicant is soliciting.
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